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The town seems like any other town. Simple, quiet on the exterior but digging beyond the surface will reveal a whole new world of deception, lies, and most of all, power. This is where the rich come to raise their families. But they all have their dirty little secrets. Isolating themselves from the rest of the world is the norm here, weeding out the 'bad seeds'. The children are raised with a sense of 'being privileged' and their parents encourage this. They go to private universities where they are taught to rule the world.

But there is one little problem...

The government says they have to allow a certain number of scholarships every year to the underprivileged kids or risk the closure of their schools. On the far end of town lives the poor, the down-trodden, and the downright scum of the earth, or, at least, that is how the upper class sees them. Mana Marrow tries to hide this embarrassment in their town but now, with the government intervening, they will have to allow some of these young adults to mix with their own precious, spoiled, and pampered offspring. The town comes together to form 'The Hetaireia', a secret society for the Elite, and figures out a way to make this work in their favor, however, and soon the lucky chosen underprivileged youth begin their university studies only to find that all is not as it seems. A hierarchy is born and they find themselves at the bottom rung, treated as less than second class citizens.

Will you be one of the privileged students that seem to rule the schools?
Or will you be one of the poor, who struggle for the acceptance that they may never find?
Or maybe you will be an adult, working in the town, the schools, or at the factory that supplies jobs for little pay and hard labor?

The choice is yours, so choose wisely!


1) A level or class to which people are assigned according to their social status, education, or income.
2) A group into which members of a population are divided in stratified sampling.

A word found in Austronesian languages meaning "power, effectiveness, prestige", where in most cases the power is understood to be supernatural.

1) Meaning 'Secret Society' in Latin.
2) A term in ancient greek for a corps of bodyguards during the Byzantine Empire. It means "the Company".

mana mar.
LOCATED: somewhere in the us
set in june, 2018
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