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The town seems like any other town. Simple, quiet on the exterior but digging beyond the surface will reveal a whole new world of deception, lies, and most of all, power. This is where the rich come to raise their families. But they all have their dirty little secrets. Isolating themselves from the rest of the world is the norm here, weeding out the 'bad seeds'. The children are raised with a sense of 'being privileged' and their parents encourage this. They go to private universities where they are taught to rule the world.

But there is one little problem...

The government says they have to allow a certain number of scholarships every year to the underprivileged kids or risk the closure of their schools. On the far end of town lives the poor, the down-trodden, and the downright scum of the earth, or, at least, that is how the upper class sees them. Mana Marrow tries to hide this embarrassment in their town but now, with the government intervening, they will have to allow some of these young adults to mix with their own precious, spoiled, and pampered offspring. The town comes together to form 'The Hetaireia', a secret society for the Elite, and figures out a way to make this work in their favor, however, and soon the lucky chosen underprivileged youth begin their university studies only to find that all is not as it seems. A hierarchy is born and they find themselves at the bottom rung, treated as less than second class citizens.

Will you be one of the privileged students that seem to rule the schools?
Or will you be one of the poor, who struggle for the acceptance that they may never find?
Or maybe you will be an adult, working in the town, the schools, or at the factory that supplies jobs for little pay and hard labor?

The choice is yours, so choose wisely!


1) A level or class to which people are assigned according to their social status, education, or income.
2) A group into which members of a population are divided in stratified sampling.

A word found in Austronesian languages meaning "power, effectiveness, prestige", where in most cases the power is understood to be supernatural.

1) Meaning 'Secret Society' in Latin.
2) A term in ancient greek for a corps of bodyguards during the Byzantine Empire. It means "the Company".

mana mar.
LOCATED: somewhere in the us
set in may, 2018
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Canons with set faces cannot be changed for plot purposes.

taken canons will be marked like this.


aleksandr ainsworth. 43. elite.

Mayor, head of city council, and head of The Hetaireia, Aleksandr Ainsworth is descended from one of the town's four founding fathers, Augustus Ainsworth. He is entitled, influential, and expects his children to excel in everything they do.
face claim: alex o'loughlin

genevieve hallewell ainsworth. 36. elite.

Scientist working in the town's research lab, Genevieve is a typical trophy wife and has old fashioned values when it comes to family, believing the man is in charge.
face claim: angelina jolie

sterling ainsworth. deceased.

Deceased at the age of 14, Sterling would have been the eldest son by two years and the heir to the family fortune. Sterling drowned during a boating accident when he and his younger brother Tristan snuck out on their parents yacht by themselves.
face claim: Not Applicable; deceased

tristan ainsworth. 16. ridge creek student.

Tristan is the typical privileged teen, entitled, opinionated, and rebellious. He has deep seeded guilt over his brother's death. He knows his parents blame him for not being able to save Sterling, particularly his father causing a strained relationship. Tristan is now the family heir by default but has no desire to become mayor or lead the city council or Hetaireia, even though he believes in the hierarchy, but fears his father and feels he has no choice.
face claim: scott gardner

rosalind ainsworth. 14. ravenswood student.

Spoiled and pampered, Rosalind is the baby of the family and because of this along with being the only girl, she is definitely treated as the princess. Though she is also sweet and kind and cares about others, including the commoners of the town, making her beliefs much different than the rest of her family.
face claim: india eisley


richard "dic" denvers. 44. elite.

Ex-lawyer, state senator and owner of Crown Industries, which mass produces the pharmaceutical for which the town of Mana Marrow is so famous, Richard Denvers is descended from one of the town's four founding fathers, Ephraim Denvers.
face claim: james patrick stuart

henriette amereaux-denvers. 41. elite.

French socialite and interior designer Henriette Amereux married into the Denvers family twenty years ago, and now splits her time between the design magazine she owns and runs and her family.
face claim: charlize theron

maximilian denvers. 18. ridge creek student.

Particularly doted on by his mother, Maximilian Denvers is the spoiled and fairly narcissistic heir to his family's fortune, raised on privileged values, and has named himself the unofficial King of Ridge Creek Academy.
face claim: andy biersack

robyn denvers. 4. elite child.

Robyn Denvers is the four-year-old son of Maximilian Denvers, born out of a relationship that went slightly too far. And, of course, he's growing right into the perfect little model of his father.
face claim: jake hold (when older)


Michael Fitzroy. 42. elite.

A ruthless businessman, Mike isn't a stranger to shady dealings if it meant he got his way. More often than not his business keeps him out of the country, jet-setting all over the world, mostly in Asia, especially India, China, Japan. He is an absentee father and pretty much only still married to his 'wife' on paper.
face claim: jonathan rhys meyers

Patricia Fitzroy. 39. Elite.

Patty had married for money, not love. For the first few years she managed to keep up appearances, but as more time passed, the distance between her and her husband just kept growing until she didn't even care to be around him anymore, as long as he kept paying for her expenses, even when she was living somewhere in Europe. Coming back to Mana Marrow, a place she loathed, isn't in any of her plans, but it isn't completely impossible.
face claim: anne hathaway

Damian Fitzroy. 17. Ridge Creek Student.

There was a time when Dames tried bleeding money to get attention from his parents, but when that didn't work, when both of them continued to treat him with indifference mostly, he began to live more sensibly, but as though he had no parents at all. If they were going to act like he meant nothing to them, he could do the same. They would be bound by the tethers of money and names, nothing else.
face claim: brendon urie


hannah leighton. 46. elite.

Recently divorced mother of three Hannah Leighton is one of Mana Marrow's top lawyers, although in her spare time she dabbles in a bit of crime fiction loosely based on her experiences.
face claim: open!

matthew leighton. 20. mm public faculty.

Fresh out of Ridge Creek Academy himself, Matthew Leighton wanted to experience how the 'other half' lived and took up a job as an assistant teacher at Mana Marrow Public.
face claim: open!

india leighton. 16. ravenswood student.

Currently a junior at Ravenswood Academy, India Leighton already has aspirations to follow in her mother's footsteps and break the glass ceiling. Fortunately for her, she has her family's wealth on her side.
face claim: open!

amanda leighton. 13. elite child.

Amanda Leighton will soon begin her first year at Ravenswood Academy, having so far heard nothing of it but the many stories told to her by her elder sister.
face claim: open!


Thomas Whitman. 48. elite.

The Whitmans are one of the four founding families, their origins tracing back to Scotland. Thomas is a cut-throat lawyer, the Head of his own law firm, one of the most important in Mana Marrow, and one which specializes in business law. Thomas has been married three times, and is currently divorced. He is an authoritarian man, a womanizer and misogynist, selfish and greedy, has no moral compass whatsoever and it shows in the way he uses people.
face claim: ray stevenson

Rose Whitman. 21. Elite.

Thomas' daughter from his first marriage, her mother is Eva Morgan. Born a lesbian, from an early age she felt her father’s disappointment that she hadn't been born a boy and ever since then has been trying to be a son to him. Closed off and emotionally unavailable, she is unable to keep a relationship for long and will sometimes react violently towards her girlfriends. She is studying law and works for her father in his law firm. Rose deeply loves her brother Caleb.
face claim: ruby rose

Caleb Whitman. 20. Ridge Creek Faculty.

Eva Morgan's second child, Caleb is the oldest male son and Rose's brother. Like Thomas, he is a womanizer, ambitious and mostly soulless, however Caleb has a very short fuse and doesn’t take much for him to lose his temper. The only person he seems to care about is Rose. He and his father often end up fighting, and when left unsupervised they punch each other in the face. Caleb is studying Art only because his father hates this.
face claim: tom hiddleston

Patrick Whitman. 20. Elite.

Patrick is the first son of Meredith Vega and was born while his father was still married to his first wife. He is kind and compassionate, sweet and dependable. Idealist that he is, he will always try to keep a good relationship with his father and siblings, even though they don’t make it easy. As a student in the seminary of Mana Marrow, he wants to become a Priest, even though he may often fall into temptation.
face claim: misha collins

Mark Whitman. 18. Elite.

The second son of Meredith Vega, Mark was born after his father and mother were married. He presents Asperger syndrome and has a very hard time socializing and communicating, even with his family. His father often tries to dismiss his symptoms as the boy ‘being difficult’ and being too ‘pampered’. After his mother died, he regressed. Patrick is the only one who can really connect with him due to his natural kindness, and often acts like a parent to him.
face claim: rasmus ledin

Weston Whitman. 17. Elite.

Weston is the only son of the third ex-wife, Heather. Like his father, he is a hedonistic boy and an evil master mind. People are there for his amusement. He is sociopathic, cold and often unsympathetic, but he is sort of loyal to his siblings and admires Caleb very much. Weston also has a soft spot for Patrick and Mark, but secretly (not so secretly) hates his father and dislikes his mother. He also hates Reese.
face claim: boyd holbrook

Reese Hetfield. 22. Elite.

Thomas' bastard was raised with his siblings but never recognized as a legitimate son. However he is the most loyal to their father. Often silent and dark, he works for his father as a personal assistant, often executing the man’s dirty deeds, using his expertise in martial arts and firearms. Reese doesn’t mix well with his brothers or sister and is mostly ignored when they get together. Patrick has tried to get close to him but his efforts have been useless so far.
face claim: open!


james worthington. 51. elite.

After his father's death, James Worthington inherited the man's art gallery in town and now makes his money buying and selling art. He is gay, and his wife's a lesbian, but nevertheless they have been happily married for over 20 years, due to being the bestest of friends before that and having a mutual understanding and respect for each other even now.
face claim: nathan fillion

emilia worthington. 46. elite.

Emilia Worthington spends her days painting in her home art studio. By now a renowned painter, her artwork often features prominently in her husband's gallery.
face claim: stana katic

isabella worthington. 15. ravenswood student.

One of the fifteen-year-old twin daughters of the Worthington family, Isabella Worthington is three minutes older than her sister and currently a sophomore at Ravenswood Academy.
face claim: zooey deschanel

erica worthington. 15. ravenswood student.

One of the fifteen-year-old twin daughters of the Worthington family, Erica Worthington is the younger and more bookish of the two and currently a sophomore at Ravenswood Academy.
face claim: alexis bledel


Jonathan Blair. 30. Commoner.

Unmarried and childless, Jonathan Blair takes care of his two younger brothers, Anthony and Daniel by taking odd jobs here and there.
face claim: open!

Anthony Blair. 18. MM Public Student.

Anthony Blair is now a senior at Mana Marrow Public School with goals to graduate at the top of his class and become valedictorian. A keen public speaker, he is responsible for starting the school's debate team.
face claim: open!

Daniel Blair. 14. Ridge Creek Scholar.

Daniel Blair is a freshman and scholar at Ridge Creek Academy and noticeably shy, often hiding in the background, not wanting to draw attention to himself. Scholars are not always well received.
face claim: open!


Jessica Callaghan. 28. MM Public Faculty.

The music teacher at Mana Marrow Public, Jessica Callaghan is a single mother of two children: one boy and one girl.
face claim: open!

Riley Callaghan. 8. Commoner Child.

A bright and bubbly little girl, Riley Callaghan frequently finds herself getting in trouble with her teachers at school, but that's never stopped her.
face claim: open!

Bailey Callaghan. 6. Commoner Child.

Bailey Callaghan may only be six years old but he's a very laid back child, not wanting to get involved in his elder sister's shenanigans. Some people even believe that he might even end up a scholar at Ridge Creek someday.
face claim: open!


Gordon McNamara. 38. commoner.

Gordon McNamara owns and operates Mana Marrow's local flower shop with his wife Sandie. Unfortunately, they haven't had too much business in the past few months.
face claim: alan tudyk

Sandie McNamara. 31. commoner.

Sandie McNamara did once have dreams - and still does - of something more than owning an under-visited store with her husband but opportunity has simply never come knocking, especially due to her humble roots.
face claim: naomi watts

Jeannette McNamara. 26. ravenswood faculty.

A past Ravenswood scholar, Jeannette McNamara now lives with her older brother, his wife and their daughter and teaches at her old school.
face claim: open!

Natalie McNamara. 5. commoner child.

Although only five years old, Natalie McNamara is a bright child and is already being tutored by her aunt in the hopes that she'll make it into Ravenswood Academy herself one day.
face claim: claire danes


Connor Stevens. 46. Commoner.

Connor Stevens does what he can to make ends meet for his family working at the local factory. The father of two older children, he recently remarried after his wife walked out on the family.
face claim: open!

Miranda Stevens. 39. Commoner.

Although once from the wealthier side of town, Miranda Stevens ended up losing her inheritance after she married Connor, much to her parents' chagrin.
face claim: open!

Evan Stevens. 20. Commoner.

No one ever thought Evan Stevens would amount to anything and, unfortunately, it looks like they were right because, so far, he's struggled to find a job, even though his father has often told him he's welcome to join him at the factory.
face claim: open!

Rachel Stevens. 15. MM Public Student.

Rachel Stevens has always felt a little 'different' from the rest of her family and is the quintessential image of the classic angsty teen - she's always believed that she's going to amount to more than her side of the town would imply.
face claim: open!

Katherine "Katie" Stevens. 6. commoner child.

Step-sister to Evan and Rachel, it was hard for Katie Stevens to adapt to her new family at first, partially due to the large age difference but, now, she gets on especially well with her older brother.
face claim: open!


Clark Thompson. 53. MM Public Faculty.

Vice-Principal of Mana Marrow Public, Clark Thompson is almost obsessive about his job, though not so much that he can't find the time to spend with his husband and two adoptive children.
face claim: open!

Austin Thompson. 44. Commoner.

Austin Thompson, unlike his more successful husband, has always struggled to find a fixed job and is often picking up work wherever he can find it. When he isn't working, however, he is a stay-at-home husband.
face claim: open!

Cole Thompson. 16. MM Public Student.

An avid sportsman and captain of the school football, Cole Thompson used to be embarrassed that his father is the school's Vice Principal, worried that it would cause problems amongst his classmates. Fortunately, however, this hasn't proved to be the case, and he is a lot more comfortable in school now.
face claim: open!

Lacey Thompson. 14. Ravenswood Scholar.

The 'sensitive' one in the family, Lacey Thompson has always been a people's person, standing up for the little guy even though, as a scholar, she's often the brunt of school jokes.
face claim: open!

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