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The town seems like any other town. Simple, quiet on the exterior but digging beyond the surface will reveal a whole new world of deception, lies, and most of all, power. This is where the rich come to raise their families. But they all have their dirty little secrets. Isolating themselves from the rest of the world is the norm here, weeding out the 'bad seeds'. The children are raised with a sense of 'being privileged' and their parents encourage this. They go to private universities where they are taught to rule the world.

But there is one little problem...

The government says they have to allow a certain number of scholarships every year to the underprivileged kids or risk the closure of their schools. On the far end of town lives the poor, the down-trodden, and the downright scum of the earth, or, at least, that is how the upper class sees them. Mana Marrow tries to hide this embarrassment in their town but now, with the government intervening, they will have to allow some of these young adults to mix with their own precious, spoiled, and pampered offspring. The town comes together to form 'The Hetaireia', a secret society for the Elite, and figures out a way to make this work in their favor, however, and soon the lucky chosen underprivileged youth begin their university studies only to find that all is not as it seems. A hierarchy is born and they find themselves at the bottom rung, treated as less than second class citizens.

Will you be one of the privileged students that seem to rule the schools?
Or will you be one of the poor, who struggle for the acceptance that they may never find?
Or maybe you will be an adult, working in the town, the schools, or at the factory that supplies jobs for little pay and hard labor?

The choice is yours, so choose wisely!


1) A level or class to which people are assigned according to their social status, education, or income.
2) A group into which members of a population are divided in stratified sampling.

A word found in Austronesian languages meaning "power, effectiveness, prestige", where in most cases the power is understood to be supernatural.

1) Meaning 'Secret Society' in Latin.
2) A term in ancient greek for a corps of bodyguards during the Byzantine Empire. It means "the Company".

mana mar.
LOCATED: somewhere in the us
set in may, 2018
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the site rules

last updated: 6th december

Please make sure to read the rules! They exist to ensure that everyone is treated with respect - so that there is clear reason for any disciplinary action on the administration's behalf - and so that the site remains free of drama.
  1. Forum Registration
    New members should register in Title Case and all middle names or middle initials are optional. If applying for a previously claimed canon, please apply with a current character so that you can later be PMed all information (such as the password for the already created account) by an admin. A full guide to registering on the site can be found here.

    Currently, we have no character limits so long as activity remains on the site, however, we reserve the right to reimpose them if we notice a drop in activity.

    On Destiny's Strata, we allow the creation of both adult (18+) and underage (5-18) characters. However, we do not allow heavy romantic relationships before the age of fifteen [15], nor do we allow pregnancy plots for characters aged younger than sixteen [16]. Same-sex couples are permitted to have children as well - we actually have a system in place to enable male couples in same-sex relationships to carry children.
  2. Site Rating
    Destiny's Strata has a mature rating. This means that RPs can contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language, however, we do ask that mature threads are marked, as well as those which contain potential triggers. If unsure as to whether your thread falls under either of these categories, just ask! This also applies to taboo subjects, as we need to consider the site's ToS with JCink. If needed, we offer the option of private passworded forums which can be easily requested from an admin - and we will not look in them ourselves without permission. Having said that, those found within passworded forums without prior permission will receive disciplinary action.
  3. Respect for Members
    On Destiny's Strata, we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination of or disrespect towards other members. We understand that things happen in RPs and not all character relationships are amicable but this by no means should be spilling over to real life. All members are deserving of the respect of their fellow members, as are the administration and the Site Owners(s).

    In addition, here on STDS, we aim to minimise drama. As a result, we won't tolerate issues being blown out of proportion and dragged on OOC. Whilst we urge for members to attempt to iron out any drama with their fellow writers as soon as possible, please feel free and welcome to come to the administration if you feel as though the matter requires intervention.
  4. Disciplinary Action
    All decisions made by the administrative team and the Site Owner(s) are final and made with the site's best intentions in mind. We aim for all verdicts to be fair and consider all parties involved when planning them. When taking disciplinary action, we operate on a three strikes system, meaning that any members who break the site rules more than three times will be banned. Depending on the severity of infractions, rule breakers may be subject to temporary bans as well.
  5. Godmodding & Threading Etiquette
    Godmodding, or GMing, is the act of controlling another writer's character without their express permission. This is strictly frowned upon and will be responded to with disciplinary action.

    Whilst we don't enforce a word count here at Destiny's Strata, we do request that members follow basic threading etiquette: if your RP partner writes a long post that clearly involved effort, it's always appreciated if you reply with more than just a couple of sentences. In addition, HTML templates are not required but you are welcome to use them.
  6. Thread Moderation
    Threads that have been inactive for longer than sixty [60] days since the last reply will be moved by the administrative team and, therefore, it greatly aids us if you mark any finished threads to facilitate this process. For those who currently have moderation powers, we ask that you move your own completed threads.
  7. Site Timeline
    Destiny's Strata functions on a timeline in which one IC year is equal to one RL year. Whilst this may sound like a long time, keep in mind that most writers tend to make adult or older student characters and this allows more time for plots to develop. However, members are also free to request character move-ups from the admins.
  8. Activity Checks
    We conduct activity checks once every three months, each one lasting two weeks. Posts linked to during activity checks must be from within the past month. If you miss an activity check and would like to be resorted back, please message either Kristie or Aly.
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